September 16th, 17th and 18th, 2016

Jim Charles Point Group Campground


Autumn... a time to quiet our Spirits and reflect upon the many lessons, teachings and gifts we have been honoured with... indeed a time for reflection.

- Muiniskw

Come join us at this year's Gathering at Keji. It will be a time for all to relax, and to allow the land to up-lift your being.

In all the years we have held this Gathering at this special place, people have always gone away feeling rejuvenated. It is definitely the place to which all can come and re-connect to their spirits, to the spirits of Keji and to the land.

The schedule:


    Friday will be mostly a set-up day. 

If possible, we will get the sweat lodge built in the evening. If not, we will build it Saturday morning.

8pm Informal Talking Circle, mostly introductions and so forth, and we will go over plans for the weekend and start lining up volunteers to tend the Sacred Fire.
We will also have a pipe ceremony to open the Gathering, and light the Sacred Fire immediately afterwards.
   9am Greeting the Day ceremony
  10am Sweatlodge construction (if necessary) and mixed sweat will take place following the Greeting the Day ceremony. The sweat will be conducted by George Bedwell.
9pm General Talking Circle
   9am Greeting the Day ceremony.
10am Possible second mixed sweatlodge ceremony or Sharing Circle.
2pm Feast, followed by Give-Away ceremony.
We know it can be hard to leave Keji after the Gathering. For those who are planning on staying over until Monday, we will have another Talking Circle on Sunday Night.

This is what the schedule looks like for the weekend. However, keep in mind that activities may change, depending on time and weather. 

Other good information:

Please note that the Gathering has moved to the group campground at Jim Charles Point.

If you are going through the trouble of coming to the Gathering, we strongly urge you to partake in all ceremonies. Also, everyone is encouraged to help out with the little things that need to be done to make the Gathering a success, such as cooking and tidying the covered shelter area. In particular, we urge you to take a turn as keeper of the Sacred Fire. We will help to fill you in on what your responsibilities are, and you will find that it is a wonderful experience. Overall, the Gathering has always depended on the same teamwork that allowed our ancestors to survive and thrive.

Part of the teamwork also consists of helping out with kitchen chores. We have decided to move away from disposable dishes and be more responsible by using normal plates and such. We ask everyone to wash their own dishes and implements, rather than leave them for someone else. Please remember, NOBODY at this Gathering is staff, and nobody is paid for the work that they do... please pitch in and take care of your own dishes and such.

If you are bringing children along, please remember that the evening Talking Circles will be for adults, as these sometimes can become intense and children should not be subjected to some of the things being shared.

Due to some unfortunate incidents in the past, we must insist that family pets be left at home. This of course does not include service animals, who are always welcome here.


Please note that free entry to the Park is only available to those with Status Cards. All others will be required to pay the day-use Park entry fee. For more info on fees check the Park website here.

What to bring

How to get to Keji

Pictures from recent Gatherings:   2006   2009


Please refrain from use of alcohol or recreational drugs at least 4 days before attending this Gathering!

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