What to bring:

Camping gear, warm clothing, camping chairs, etc - be prepared for all types of weather! If you have a trailer thatís fine, there is a place for them too, but not within the group campsite.

Bring a flashlight - it's as dark as the inside of a cow at night around here... but you won't believe the stars!

You may want to bring a warm blanket for the talking circles - despite the fire, the temperature can drop late in the evening, and it is nice to bundle up.

Women, please bring and wear your long skirts!

If you are planning on doing a sweat, bring along appropriate clothing for sitting on the ground: shorts and t-shirt for men, skirts for women - and spare towels! If you are worried about the heat in the lodge, bring an additional small hand-towel that can be dipped in water to help you breathe. You may also want to bring a small water bottle for after the ceremony.

We ask all those who come to these Gatherings to bring food to be shared with everyone. We are providing one hot entree per day, and would appreciate your help with items for a cold buffet that will be available all day. However, please remember that we have no way to keep perishable foods cold, so plan accordingly. Dairy products, meats and seafood are all risky if not properly handled, and we do not want a Gathering to be remembered for food poisoning!

Also, donít forget the Giveaway, bring a little something that you may have made and put it on our blanket, and at the end of the Gathering, all can pick up a gift from the blanket and go home with a little something to remember Keji by! 

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