Muin'iskw and I were privileged to receive the amazing gift of songs from the Spirits. I believe that these songs are important messages, and that it was our task to record them and make them available for people who need to hear them. After a number of years of learning the hard way about home recording, we released an album called "Spirit Songs," and we called ourselves "Crowfeather." Below are descriptions of each track, and a link to a short excerpt from each song. In some cases I created a video for the song, and links are provided for those too.

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Prayer to the Four Directions

This was the first song that came to us, all in a rush one weekend morning. It speaks of a morning smudging ceremony to the four directions, and the things in each direction that the Mi'kmaw traditions honour.

Stories In The Stone

The slate outcrops along the shores of Kejimkujik Lake carry hundreds of incised images from hundreds of years ago. This is a wonderful place to go to make a connection with the spirits of the Ancestors, and Muin'iskw was a caretaker and interpreter of these precious images for many years. It was only natural that we write and dedicate a song to the area and tell its story.

One Voice, One Song

Some years ago we had the privilege of speaking with Navajo Elder Leon Secatero. As we talked of the environmental and societal problems facing the world, he said that we needed to stand together and speak with one voice, and sing one song, in order to face our problems as one people. That statement is the root of this song.

Return Of The Ancestors

Those who follow Native traditions are keenly aware that the Ancestral Spirits are making themselves known like never before. The Earth is preparing for a great upheaval, and the Spirits are here to help us prepare. This song honours those that have chosen to be here to assist us.

Child Of The Dawn


In our hearts we believe that this song came from the spirits as a means of sending out a message to our Youth. There was a request for prayer from a First Nation community member for a family who just lost their child through suicide. It is a song of promise to the children of Mi'kmaki, to be there for them and to help them deal with the problems that face First Nations peoples all across Canada.

It is also a call for all of us to make this same promise to our young ones, and if our own lives are so messed up that we cannot do this, then we need to get ourselves together so we can make things better for the next generation.

Warrior Spirit


Too many of our men are caught up in cycles of drugs, alcohol and abuse, all too often their lives end in suicide. Yet each of them carries within the proud heritage of a people who have lived proud and free for millennia.

We dedicate this song to our Native brothers of all First Nations - you are the warriors of today, and the Elders of tomorrow. What example will you set for the young men? May you find strength in your traditions, and walk a path of sobriety into a better future.

Three Spruce Poles


This song tells the story of a grandfather teaching his young grandson how to build a wigwam, and using the opportunity to teach a lesson about life and the importance of family, friends, and Spiritual beliefs. The story follows the lad through life, seeing how the lesson follows him as he grows, until finally he passes the lesson on to his own grandson.

The Voice Of The Thunderbeings


This song finds a young lad on his first Fast, learning that his Spirit Guide is the Thunderbird. Thunderbird follows him as he matures, guiding him on his path, until the time comes when he passes to the other side.

She Calls To Me


This poem was written by Strong Bear Red Heart some years ago, and it touched me deeply. I was given permission to include it in our album. He has passed since he wrote these words, and the world is a poorer place.

The Final Journey


In the end, we all pass over to the Spirit world, and in the Native tradition that passing is marked by ceremony and song. We dedicate this song to our Elders, and to those who have passed and continue to help us along our road.

Epit, Nkwe'ji'j (Woman, My Sister)


This is a song that is dedicated to Mi'kmaq women, and to Native American women everywhere. It acknowledges the harshness of the lives that so many of them lead, with abuse, child suicide, and despair as constant companions on the reserves. The road they walk is hard, and long, and often lonely, and this song reflects that. It is not a pretty song... but theirs is not always a pretty life.

But in the end, this is also a song of hope, because it also evokes the strength of the Native woman's spirit, and the certainty that, one day, they will pass through the storm, and find a peaceful life at last.

This song was not ready in time for our album release.


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