As part of our commitment to the 'Red Road', we organize a number of regular spiritual events in our area. These events are always open to anyone with a respectful interest in learning about Mi'kmaw culture and spirituality, as well as those who are knowledgeable about traditional Mi'kmaw ways.

While rules are not a big part of these events, there are some conditions that apply:

  • alcohol and recreational drugs are ALWAYS barred from these events - if at all possible, we request that you abstain from these prior to the event;

  • we usually have a Giveaway Ceremony at the end of the event - if you wish to participate, bring along something for the Giveaway Blanket;

  • we ask that you bring along some food to contribute to the potluck meals; and

  • women should bring along a skirt to wear during ceremonies.

While we try to set up a schedule of things that will happen during these events, quite often the schedule changes on-the-fly as the event progresses. In hindsight, there is almost always a really good reason why the changes happen... but you should be prepared to be flexible.


The Keji Gathering

There has been a regular Gathering at Kejimkujik National Park for a number of years. It is generally held during a weekend in late September. The main focus of the Gathering is spirituality and teaching, so if you are looking for a powwow event, this is not for you. There are generally a number of talking and healing circles, sweatlodge ceremonies, and other such events. This is also an opportunity to visit the Sacred Sites within Kejimkujik and pay your respects to the spirits of the Ancestors that are everywhere within the Park. It is also an opportunity to be with friends, new and old, who share the same beliefs.

Because Parks Canada has a liberal policy regarding Aboriginal access to sacred areas within National Parks, no entry or camping fee is charged for those who are attending the Gathering.

Details about the next Keji Gathering can be found here.


The Storytellers' Gathering

In ancient times there would have been no such Gatherings, due to the difficulty of travel in winter. However, winter would have been a time when people would gather around the fire while Elders told the old stories, and passed on the values and Teachings of the culture.

For this reason, we hold a mid-winter Gathering that we call the Storytellers' Gathering. The aim is for all participants to have an opportunity to pass on any stories from any source that have inspired them. These stories do not have to be traditional stories... even a good story from Reader's Digest can have value and meaning in our circle. And, of course, if you wish to only listen, that is okay too.

Details about the next Storytellers' Gathering can be found here.

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