Saturday, February 20, 2016 at 12:00 p.m.

This Gathering is an opportunity to for us to get together in the middle of the winter, and to exchange inspirational stories, legends, and stories, just as they would have years ago around the fire in the wigwam. This is a chance to share fellowship, love and laughter, and to keep the fires of our group burning through the long winter.

This event is similar to a Talking Circle, except that the first round or two are about sharing stories, and/or about sharing reactions to the stories shared by others. Further rounds, if any, consist of sharing anything you wish with the Circle, as per a normal Talking Circle.

A story can come from any source, so long as you find it inspiring or meaningful, and feel you want to share it with others. Feel free to relate a personal experience, a Mi'kmaw or other First Nation legend, or even an article from Reader's Digest - whatever you think carries a message or lesson worth repeating. If you don't trust your memory to relate the story correctly, feel free to bring it along on paper. However, if you are uncomfortable speaking in public, you are welcome to come and just enjoy the stories of others. Not everyone spoke in olden times... that's how learning takes place.

From a comfort point of view, FEEL FREE TO BRING A COMFY CHAIR OR CUSHIONS - we may be in the circle for awhile, and I don't always have enough chairs to go around.

Following the Circle, we will (of course!) have a potluck feast, followed by a Give-Away ceremony. Be prepared - this tends to run late.


As long as there are Earth and Water
there will be stories.
For this is where the Ancestors came from
a place where our stories began...
woven with time.

As long as there is Air
there will be stories.
For the Air gives breath to the Storyteller
who gives life to these stories...
to be told through time.

As long as there is Fire
there will be stories.
For the Fire will bring the people together;
it will dance these stories...
keeping them alive with the passing of time.

These are the four Sacred Elements -
gifts from the Creator.
They weave us into the tapestry of the Universe.



How to get there:

We hold the Storytellers' Gathering at my home on Highway 8. Please contact me for directions. This event is by invitation only.

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