It is not well-known, but many Mi'kmaw have served their country, including many who have made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of their brethren in foreign lands. 

As one who served for 25 years in the Canadian Armed Forces, it is my honour and my privilege to dedicate this page in remembrance of brothers-in-arms from my adopted Nation. I also remember those that remained behind waiting, and those whose loved ones did not return. It is my opinion that there is no more meaningful death than to die in the defense of others. This is truly the way of the warrior. 

Dan McIsaac
Captain, Canadian Air Force (Retired)

They shall not grow old,
as we that are left grow old:

Age shall not weary them,
nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun,
and in the morning,
We will remember them.

For The Fallen - 
Laurence Binyon (1869-1943)


World War I

World War II
Korean War
Vietnam War
Acadia   John Francis
Charles Paul
Clifford Paul
John Pictou
Annapolis   James Gehue
John C. Smith
Bernard Toney
John Toney
Lawrence Toney Sr.
Leo Toney (KIA)
Bear River John Francis
Sam Gloade
John McEwan
Stephen Meuse
Joe Paul
Phillip Paul
Richard McEwan
Soloman McEwan
Louis Pictou
Martin Pictou
Clarence Meuse (KIA)
Chapel Island  James Bernard Daniel Stevens  
Eskasoni  William Bernard
Levi Cabot
Frank Dennis
William Googoo
Gabriel Joe
Stephen Marshall
William Marshall
Richard Poulette
Andrew Stevens
Benedict Stevens
Dan Stevens
Roderick Stevens
Ronald Stevens
Fred Young
Abraham Doucette
Arthur Julian
Pius Marshall
Wilfred Prosper
Daniel Stevens
Wilfred Basque
Raymond Stevens
John Leonard Toney
Glooscap  Noel A. Smith    
Indian BrookMichael Bradley
Johnny Doyle (KIA)
William Duncan
Andrew Francis (WWII)
Ben Francis
James Francis (WWII)
Joseph Gloade (KIA)
John Maloney
Peter Maloney
Andrew Paul
Michael Perry
Joe Sack
Max Basque
John A Bernard (Korea)
James Brooks
Barney Francis
Ernest Howe
John J. Julian
Andrew Julien (Korea)
Edward Julien (Korea)
Henry Knockwood
Ralph Knockwood
Joe Lewis
Alonzo Maloney
Lawrence Maloney
Stephen Maloney
Frank Marble
Joseph Meuse
Noel Michael
Joe Paul
Leo Paul
Jim Pictou
Peter Robinson
Louie Sack
Isaac Sylliboy
Joe Levi Sylliboy 
Frank Wightly
Russel Brooks
Sandy Brooks
Preston Copage
William Copage (KIA)
Peter Julian
Noel Knockwood
Alfred L. Maloney
Francis Paul
Robert Paul
Ben Pictou
Allan Knockwood
Leander Paul
Louie Morris
Membertou William Bernard
Peter Googoo
Frank Herney
William Herney (WWII)
Christopher Morris
Noel Paul
William Bernard
Louis Bernard (KIA)
Veronica Brassard
Augustus Christmas
Charles Doucette (KIA)
Joseph W. Francis
Charles Gould
John Joe
Leo Joe
Richard Matthews
Edward Paul
Lawrence Paul
George Laporte
Ronald Paul
Millbrook John Brooks
John Cope
Leo Cope
Joe Cope
James Cope
James Gloade
John Johnson
Freeman B. Knockwood
Louise Newell
Dennis Paul
Joseph L. Pictou
Michael Bernard
Peter Francis
Noel B. Gloade
Alexander Julien
Fred Martin
Noel B. Paul
Benjamin Sylliboy
Paq’tnkek James Bernard
David Stevens
William Basque
Tom Francis
Andrew Johnson
Louis Johnson
Joe Julien
Noel Lewis
James Marshall
Peter Perro
Hou Prosper
Wilfred Prosper
Frank Simon
Steve Simon
Pictou Landing Jim Brooks
Noel R. Francis
Levi Paul
Michael Prosper
Joseph Sapier
Matthew Sapier
Frank Thomas
Louie Francis
Stephen Toney
Roland Wilmot
Thomas Wilmot
Charles S. Francis
Lawrence Francis
Louie Joe Francis
Joe P. Nicolas
Fred Sapier
Isaac Thomas
John Toney
Frank J. Denny Albert Denny
Matthew Francis
Wilfred Francis
Wagmatcook John Julien Frank Bernard
Stephen Barnard
William Bernard
Thomas Cremo James
  Vincent Bernard (KIA)
We’koqma’q     Gordon Googoo
Wilfred Michael
Ralph Moore
Peter Phillips
Whycocomagh   Andrew Bernard
Ben Bernard
Charles A. Bernard
Peter Bernard
John Cremo
Levi Googoo
Stephen P. Googoo
The names in this list were taken from the Mi'kmaq History Month poster of 2005, which we have included here. Unfortunately, not all those who volunteered were recorded as Mi'kmaq, and many names are not on this list. If you can contribute a name that I have missed, please let me know.
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