Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site is located in an area that is rich with the history of the Mi'kmaq. For millennia, the Ancestors canoed along these connecting rivers and lakes, set up hunting and fishing camps along the shores, built fishing weirs in the streams, and even laid their dead to rest in the burial grounds adjacent to the lake. The very landscape at Kejimkujik attests to the presence of the Mi'kmaq since time immemorial, and the presence of the ancient petroglyphs lends a silent voice to the lives of those who made their home in this area.

Location of Kejimkujik

In our view, it is very important that today's Mi'kmaq become acquainted with the spirits of their Ancestors that still populate this area. There is an ancient power that lives in this landscape, one that can help a Mi'kmaw person connect with their history and culture in a way that no other area can.

This section of Mi'kmaq Spirit talks about Kejimkujik and its importance to the Mi'kmaw people, and includes the following topics:

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