There are many issues facing the Mi'kmaq people (and all First Nations peoples) as they try to rediscover who they are, and recapture those parts of their culture that have been misplaced. Some of these issues are personal, some are historical, some are cultural, and many are spiritual.

This section of Mi'kmaq Spirit is a place to share insights and perspectives regarding these important issues with both Mi'kmaw and non-Mi'kmaw peoples alike. Also, this is a place where you, our visitors, can have your say. If you would like to write an article about issues currently facing the Mi'kmaq, or First Nations people in general, and have it posted here, please contact us. We would be proud to help others share their viewpoint, so long as the article is child-friendly and is not contributing to the vast amount of hate literature that already clutters the web. In this circle we speak with respect, and listen in order to learn.



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