Often times I am asked, "Where did the ancestors get their knowledge?" Well, this knowledge came in various ways. For example, our ancestors took the time to observe their surroundings. They observed for days, months, years, and generations - however long it took, they were patient. Unfortunately, that is not our strongest virtue today: everything is rush, rush, rush. The other thing the ancestors had going for them was their sense of total connection. They knew that they were part of a larger entity... and through this connection they had the ability to connect with 'spirit', whether it was through a fast, the sweatlodge, or other ceremonies. Through these portals, information flowed freely to the ancestors. With this, they did not doubt or question the spirits... and with trust came protection, and our ancestors were given the means of survival since the dawn of our nation.

We try very hard to place only accurate information on this site, as I am personally so tired of information that is so beyond what is true. Unfortunately, being around traditions and spirituality for many, many years, I have seen and heard a lot of things, to the point where I feel ashamed to think that people are being so misled merely to feed the ego of another. I honour and respect our culture so much that it really hurts knowing that there are people out there, including some of our own people, who are using the culture for their own personal gain - to be on a pedestal, as they say.

In my teachings I often tell that we need to totally give ourselves with humbleness to the spirits, to the Ancestors, and above all to our nation and future generations. Once this commitment is made, then and only then will the spirits pass on that knowledge. As Mi'kmaw people, and particularly as Mi'kmaw women, those who truly wish to follow in the ancestors' footsteps need to take a stand and reclaim our roles in our nation. That role is based on the foundation of a matriarchal society, within which our ancestors survived for millennia. I also truly believe that only once we individually reclaim our roles and responsibilities, then and only then will the spirits of our ancestors give the knowledge we require, and bring back the teachings that have been lost.

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