Wisdom From The Red Road - the Legacy of Muin'iskw

Following the passing of Muin'iskw in 2011, I went through her many notes and computer files in order to capture any teachings or wisdom that might have been forever lost with her death. This was a hard time for me, personally; as her husband, I had been there for many of these teachings, and many memories were brought back for me.

However, as I went through all of this, the idea was planted that this wisdom, the legacy of Muin'iskw, should be shared with as many people as possible, so I have gathered these items here. You are being given a rare glimpse into real wisdom from the Red Road - treat it gently, and use it wisely, as it is precious beyond measure.

Also, as in all such wisdom, you should give proper acknowledgement when you share this wisdom with others.


Fakes... With Beads and Feathers - a cautionary message about those who pretend to be traditional

Listen To What They Tell Us - the script of an interpretive program given at Kejimkujik Park by Muin'iskw, about listening to the traditional wisdom of the Ancestors

Spirits Of The Land - the script of another interpretive program, this one about the traditional belief in the presence of Spirit in all things

Story of the Talking Feather - the story of how the Eagle's Feather came to be used for Talking Circles

The World and the Earth - some insights into the difference between the Earth, and the artificial world that Man has created

Significance of the Eagle Feather - an explanation of the traditional meaning behind the eagle feather

Traditional Ecological Knowledge - the script of another interpretive program, this one about traditional knowledge that the Ancestors had about the world around them

Records of a Historical Journey - the script of another interpretive program about the petroglyphs at Kejimkujik, complete with slides as Muin'iskw would have used

Smudging Ceremony - the script written for a smudging ceremony that was performed at Kejimkujik Park in 2003 - a good explanation of the seven directions and their significance in Mi'kmaw tradition.

The Seven Districts Mawi'omi Petroglyph - interpretation of one of the most significant petroglyphs at Kejimkujik Park, as taught by Muin'iskw.



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