For a number of years we have had a group on Facebook called "Mi'kmaw Spirit" where we invited discussion about spirituality of all kinds, but with a focus on the teachings of the Mi'kmaw beliefs. Muin'iskw made a number of posts that contained wonderful wisdom, but after her passing the administratrix of her estate had her Facebook account terminated, and all of these posts vanished. However, this one survived, and it may be her most valuable post, regarding how to identify those who pretend to be spiritual leaders. My thanks go out to Tami Park-Tighe (Blue Eagle) of the newly-formed Qalipu band in Newfoundland for preserving these words.


For years I have observed the behaviour of our people... and what I have seen which to me is so sad is that there is so much jealousy amongst our people. When someone gets ahead a little bit in life through honesty and hard work, they are put down.

Why is that??? Instead of patting them on the back, they are kicked. Its funny, little groups form here and there and then, gossip begins - and they shun the individual and a lot of time that individual can be so valuable.... this is even done to our own elders... by those who think they know it all... well those who think they know it all... to me they know nothing... they come posing as impostors...they wave around their beads and feathers... and fake healing to others... they want to be placed on their pedestals. How do you recognize these fakes, they are the ones who will jump up right away and come to help... but, as long as you pay them good money... they are the ones who will go around asking how to do this and that and never acknowledge where they received their teachings from... they are the ones who are so good in masking who they really are... so be aware... we have many out there, amongst our own who are so good at what they do... and they are the FAKES.....

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