The following article is reprinted by kind permission of Richard Wagamese, from his post on Facebook. I thought it was one of the most insightful interpretations of "All My Relations" I have ever seen.

Richard Wagamese is one of Canada's foremost Native authors and storytellers. Working as a professional writer since 1979, he's been a newspaper columnist and reporter, radio and television broadcaster and producer, documentary producer and the author of thirteen titles from major Canadian publishers. Check out his website here

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All My Relations

I’ve been considering the phrase ‘all my relations’ for some time now. It’s hugely important. It’s our saving grace in the end. It points to the truth that we are related, we are all connected, we all belong to each other. The most important word is all. Not just those who look like me, sing like me, dance like me, speak like me, pray like me or behave like me. ALL my relations. It means every person just as it means every blade of grass, rock, mineral and creature. We live because everything else does. If we were to collectively choose to live that teaching the energy of that change of consciousness would heal all of us – and heal the planet. We do it one person, one heart at a time…we are connected, we are the answer.

- Richard Wagamese

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