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10 Apr 20 Added a differing opinion regarding the pre-contact existence of Mi'kmaw writing from Dr Bernie Francis
17 Jul 19 Updated info for 2019 Kejimkujik Spiritual Gathering and did some dusting and cleaning
08 Sep 18 Updated info for 2018 Kejimkujik Spiritual Gathering
01 Apr 16 Posted The History of Halifax - a Mi'kmaw Perspective
25 Mar 16 Carried out a major overhaul of the website's appearance
24 Mar 16 Posted Cultural Police
02 Mar 16 Posted Churches In A Circle and Behind The Masks
06 Nov 15 Posted Do You Think You Are Indian By Heart?
08 Jul 15 Updated info for 2015 Kejimkujik Spiritual Gathering
11 Apr 15 Added some online language resources to the Mi'kmaw language page, including a link to Curtis Michaels' series of language videos.
22 Mar 15 Added a couple of songs to the Mi'kmaw Songs page.
03 Mar 15 Posted All My Relations
27 Nov 14 Posted The Origin of the Sweat Lodge
07 Oct 14 Posted A Warrior's Strength
19 Sep 14 Posted Stealing and Disrespect
Updated Keji Spiritual Gathering page
20 Jul 14 Set dates for Muin'iskw's Mawi'omi 5-7 September
Updated Keji Spiritual Gathering page
19 Jul 14 Created a new page for information about the Crowfeather CD, and posted links to our YouTube videos (including a new one done for "Epit, Nkwe'ji'j")
14 Jul 14 Added numerous links to online 17th, 18th, and 19th century documents pertaining to Mi'kmaw language and customs as observed in those times.

Also uploaded traditional songs performed in 2008 by Muin'iskw, linked to the Mi'kmaw Songs page.

05 Jun 14 Posted Sma'knis (Warrior)
28 Mar 14 Posted The Seven Districts Mawi'omi Petroglyph
25 Feb 14 Posted new Mi'kmaw Songs page
21 Jan 14 Posted info for Storyteller's Gathering 2014
30 Jul 13 Updated Keji Spiritual Gathering page
23 Jul 13 Posted Smudging Ceremony
12 Jul 13 Posted Records of a Historical Journey
4 Jul 13 Popped in a few graphics, here and there
3 Jul 13 Posted Traditional Ecological Knowledge
1 Jul 13 Posted The World and the Earth and Significance of the Eagle Feather
30 Jun 13 Posted Story of the Talking Feather
29 Jun 13 Created new section The Legacy of Muin'iskw
24 Feb 13 Posted Fakes With Beads and Feathers
12 Feb 13 Posted The Legend of the Hand of the Medicine Man
3 Sep 12 Final details for Gathering posted
7 Aug 12 Posted dates for Keji Gathering 2012: Sep 28 - 30

Note that there are possible changes to where the Gathering will be held. Please check the Gathering page for details.

8 Jan 12 Posted info for Storyteller's Gathering 2012 (it's back!)
8 Sep 11 Posted new Keji Gathering participant pass for 2011
04 Aug 11 Posted dates for Keji Gathering 2011: Sep 23-25

Announced passing of Muin'iskw

23 Jul 10 Posted dates for Keji Gathering 2010: Sep 10-12
27 Apr 10 Posted Talking Stick article Teachings from Pandora
16 Apr 10 Created the Mi'kmaw Spirit Facebook group to promote discussions about spirituality.
16 Apr 10 Updated our page about Mi'kmaw writing with a link to an article that suggests (to me, at least) that the ideograms added to the Mi'kmaw writing system by the Récollets may in fact have been based on European shorthand.
24 Sep 09 Posted photos from the 2009 Keji Gathering (thanks again, Dave!)
21 Sep 09 Posted a Talking Stick article by Dawne Fraser entitled The Last Frontier of Inclusion, about the on-going battle for inclusion in society by those who are uniquely-abled.
17 Sep 09 Now that we have completed the Keji Gathering for 2009, we put some info about how it went on that page. If you missed it, you missed a good one!
16 Sep 09 Updated the website with re-sizable fonts to allow greater readability and accessibility for those who are uniquely-abled (thanks for the hint, Dawne!)
20 Jul 09 We have posted final details for the 2009 Keji Gathering.
29 Jul 08 We have posted final details for the 2008 Keji Gathering.
27 May 08 Please note that we are no longer hosting an open Bear Feast ceremony. It is more appropriate that this ceremony be conducted amongst family members and those who are Bear clan members. We thank all those who have attended the Bear Feast in the past.
09 Mar 08 The date for this year's Spring Bear Feast has been set for 29 March. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE CEREMONY IS NO LONGER OPEN TO EVERYONE.
10 Jan 08 Happy New Year, everyone! The date for this year's Storytellers Gathering has been set for 17 February. Hope you can make it!
01 Nov 07 Finally set the date for the Fall Bear Feast as 17 November. See you there!
26 Sep 07 Broke the ever-expanding Keji Gathering page into several pages, and posted our Canadian Web Award (yay!)
04 Sep 07 We have posted final details for the 2007 Keji Gathering.
16 Jul 07 We have moved the 2007 Keji Gathering back to its regular slot, 14-16 September.
11 Jul 07 Got our Internet Content Rating Association (ICRA) rating today! This means that we are considered a child-friendly safe surfing destination.

Also, we had to move our 2007 Keji Gathering ahead by a month.

11 May 07 Posted Talking Stick article I Danced for Our Children.
27 Feb 07 Posted Talking Stick article A Word About Canaries and provided some info about how the Storyteller's Gathering went.
6 Feb 07 Posted Talking Stick article Over The Wall
25 Jan 07 Added  bit more info to our Authors page
16 Jan 07 Added Veteran's remembrance page.
10 Jan 07 Updated Bear Feast, Storyteller's Gathering, and Keji Gathering pages for 2007, and fixed a few links that have changed
21 Nov 06 New links added to our Links page
20 Aug 06 Updated schedule for Keji Gathering. Also corrected a biography hyperlink on the post-contact history Timeline.
15 May 06 Posted Talking Stick article Where Knowledge Comes From
21 Mar 06 Posted preliminary info about 2006 Kejimkujik Spiritual Gathering
8 Mar 06 Due to the tremendous amount of spam being pumped into our Guestbook, we were forced to shut it down
14 Feb 06 New links added to our Links page
23 Jan 06 Storyteller's Gathering cancelled
11 Jan 06 New info and biography links added to the Timeline
6 Jan 06 New links added to our Links page
3 Jan 06 Added more information and pictures of ideographic prayers collected in 1791 by John Thomson
30 Dec 05 Added hyperlinks to biographies of main historical figures mentioned in various places around the website
23 Dec 05 Updated Guestbook to allow screening of spam postings
19 Dec 05 Posted Talking Stick article A Peaceful Revolt: Take Back A Sacred Day
8 Sep 05 Posted Talking Stick article Seeking Native American Spirituality? Read This First!
8 Jul 05 Created our Guestbook page
28 Jun 05 Posted Talking Stick article Who Are the Elders?


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